Jade Twelve started as a jeans label and now it has grown to be a fully ready to wear collection. The Jade Twelve collection is a perfect mix of fashion, street and highly wearable. With an eye on the moments strong ‘designer-catwalk-trends’ and in combination with an everyday look at influencers of this moment the items got created.

The collection of Jade Twelve is for woman who are upbeat, joyous, smart and fashion minded (but not over the top). She has her eye on the newest trends, some guts, loves citytrips but also a beach holiday. She is adventurous, might have a family life and great friends. But mostly she is socially involved and has a busy life. She looks for outfits of every moment. Jade Twelve measures up to it all.

We hope you love the collection as much as we do!

Love, Jade.