Striking yet timelessly beautiful, comfortable and feminine, flamboyant and elegant …
The coats and dresses of designer Tessa Koops can not be caught in a single category.
“I like to make people happy with my designs.”

Tessa Koops, born and raised in Spakenburg, came as a child in touch with fashion. With a mother who sewed clothes and two grandmothers who walked in traditional costumes, was Tessa’s interest in style already sparked early. “My mother had a wool and fabric store in the 80s and a subscription to the Burda magazines, so I had the right environment to fully experiment with fabric and scissors. Already on my sixth I got my own sewing machine that I used to make doll clothes. I definitely have my own taste, but I guess my love for colors, prints, and their combination has already sprouted in my childhood, thanks to the costumes around me. “

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